Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Frigid Sunday!

Hello crafters! I've been trying to post on here for a while and this blogger didnt seem to be working. Lets give it a whirl.... So I spent a great Saturday playing with my kids, took them shopping, made a yummy dinner and did some crafting in between. Here is one project I made with Cricut vinyl and my cricut. Welded letters from Gypsy font, placed on the front glass of the frame and removed the cardboard from the back. Put a dot of hot glue in each corner before putting the glass back on and moved the fasteners again to 'seal' the glass in the frame. Waalaa!  I LOVE how this turned out. I made one for my parents with a different saying, of course. Maybe I'll post a pic of that one later. Enjoy!  Please leave comments. Love to hear from you!

please excuse the peeled paint. That would be the work of my