Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a note....

Hello out there!! So I went to Michael's 3 times this week to see if I can get any of the 9.99 carts. NONE! Surprise surprise! I saw the sale will still be happening until 1/22/11. Hmm, wonder why they're on sale so long. Anyway, Couldnt get any but I found a few for $12 and $15 on and Not bad. I will say though I do have an extra Plantin Schoolbook I am willing to trade with someone if they're interested. Send me a msg!
Happy crafting and have a great day!


Coach fans said...

Our Michaels is the same way. They sold out last Sunday and it was still advertised in today's paper.


coralmoon said...

Sorry you didn't find any.. I'll be shopping tomorrow down here...if I see any I'll let you know!