Monday, January 24, 2011

PKS Let's Face it Friday Challenge

Hello out there! I think this is my first LFIF challenge. I was so excited to participate. The challenge is you have to incorporate " xoxo" in the project somewhere. I had so many ideas, I think I'll post the other project tomorrow. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, the lighting wasnt great where I took them. Sooo, the recipe for this wall hanging is Wild Card Cartridge for the 'xoxo' cut at about 2" real dial size ( if that feature was off, i think it came to almost 22" or something like that since the sentiment is meant to fit on one of the wild card cards) the cute little girl is from Cricut Lite Sugar and Spice cut at 3.25" , Face is of course PKS... I did get creative with this face though. I used Critter faces for the eyes, the mouth and nose are from Everyday character face parts. I'm still working on how to get the rosy cheeks, didnt come out great so I chose not to do it on this little lady. The hearts are from Michael's 0.39 painted with pink acrylic paints. stuck the xoxo on with decopauge. waa laa!
Happy Crafting everyone!
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The Crazy Cardmaker said...

Really really cute =)

Hugs from Lilli =)

Miss Giebel said...

Hi Gina,
I love your wall hanging. Ive been trying to decide if I want to do one for Valentines day and now seeing how cute yours turned out, I think I will!! Your little Sugar and Spice gal came out so sweet. Love how you mixed the PKS faces to make your own unique one!! I hope you get your expression back soon (or maybe you already did). I know what you mean though about having a back up baby bug. I'd never get rid of mine. It comes in so handy even if I just want to cricut in the kitchen. No sense in moving my big expression. :)
Stay warm, and enjoy our heat wave today....ha ha!!! 30 degrees is going to feel warm compared to our weekend.
big hugs,

Barbara said...

What can I say...beautiful!

joeygirl86 said...

This banner is too cute! That little girl is one of my favorites! Great job and thanks for playing with us at PKS LFIF! Good luck!