Thursday, September 1, 2011

My baby's 4th birthday

Good Morning all! Today is my youngest son's 4th birthday! Can't believe how fast time flies. We had his bday party this past weekend at my parents house in the mountains. Little did we know Hurricane Irene would leave us stranded there for a few days. Roads were closed due to MAJOR flooding and couldn't get off the mountain. My thoughts and prayers go to those who lost their homes, their businesses, their belongings. It was a site to see, never thought I'd ever experience that first hand. God bless.
On a lighter note, these are the decorations and favors I made for his party. We decided on a Toy Story theme. I was so impressed with the way these came out.
I did however make the banner a little too big. But it was worth it!!
These favors were so simple. I got the bags from Michaels. They were 12/$3. I cut out the characters from the Toy Story cartridge in the shadow feature and adhered them. I also cut out the words "hand over the toys" but just used the "toys". The contents I also got at Michaels in the $1 bin but they were all 60% off!! Toy Story themed pencils, little notepads and sticker books for 19 cents!! plastic cups with Toy Story for 29 cents! Cant beat that. I've learned a little bargain shopping from Miss Michelle from Scrappin with my Bug! Thanks Michelle!!
My 9 yr old had told me a long time ago he wanted to make the cake. He had a vision of the 'claw'. I think he did a great job and it was delicious! Hmm, imagine if I had a Cricut Cake!! lol He used his Toy Story legos for the decs and I cut out 2 aliens at 3" for effect.
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barbara said...

you did a wonderful job!

barbara said...

& Tyler made a great cake!