Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hello Crafty friends!! While driving my kids here and there today, I had an idea!
I wondered to myself " would Miss Emma's gift card holder hold wallet size photos?" well I couldnt wait to get home and try it out!
WOOHOOO!!! score! They fit perfectly!!
Since I havent gotten my kids school pics from this year yet, I used their sports pics from football and baseball.
Soooo I found another perfect use for my favorite die cut while giving family and friends pics of my boys!
Thank you again Emma @ My Creative Time
Please go to her website and get this die cut!! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Thank you for visiting me!! Please come again!


My Creative Time said...

WOW!!!!! What an AMAZING IDEA my friend!!! I LOVE IT!!! THank you for giving me another option on how to use this!!!

Anonymous said...

they Look Great Gina!

Gina said...

thank you! Cant wait to decorate many many and send 'em out!! And then of course when this years pics come in! lol